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Fine, sue me. It'll make my day.

The Muses
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This is Alisha....The resident mind home for some of the lovely muses who will be forced....i mean will be joyfully writing in this journal.

Stay tuned for more!


Hilo there! This is Maddy, the other resident mind...home...hangout...place...thing for the wonderful muses that will sooner or later write here. Bwaha!

Psst...just cause we're homes to these mind people doesn't mean we have any power...least, I don't...

And yeah! Webpage! Please!
adriana, aida, allison, amara, amit, asta, avarier, belle, blade, calyn, carol, cat, catriana, chase, circe, cynthia, daken, darren, dhani, diablo, diane, drake, edward, elear, ella, emily, ephonine, fiona, flame, flare, grace, hawk, horatio, ice, izzy, janiks, jason, jazzy, josh, josie, julie, justin, kia, kiera, koty, kyros, laine, lilah, lirael, lissa, lucus, luke, marie, megan, mike, miranda, morca, night, nikerym, nikra, perididdle, psyche, quentin, samantha, sammie, sara, sev, shade, siah, silver, stormkas, tash, thany, trish, tuari, varken, varliss, will, wolf, zack, zokan