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*Scene - Catty after drama, packing up all her stuff while she waits for Fi to get done flirting with the drama teacher. Enter: Quentin. Gag.*

Quentin: Hey, Catty?

Catty: *Jumps and turns around, holding a Glinda wand in her hand. Someone gave it to her earlier, and she still has it. She frowns.* Quentin. Hi. *Turns back to keep trying to zip her book bag*

Quentin: I was watching. You're good...

Catty: Nice.

Quentin: Really good.

Catty: Thanks, I guess. *Finally emerges victorious with her book bag and starts to turn to leave.* Well, err, I guess it was okay talking to--

Quentin: Is that Sev? *Nods toward the guy that is Marius, and earlier was singing Dancing Through Life with Catty while others rehearsed.*

Catty: *Stares and slowly shakes her head* No. I don't go to school with Sev. Why are you here?

Quentin: OH...uh, I followed Fiona, she said she was coming to pick you up, and, old is Sev?

Catty: Not that it's any of your business, but he's 19. *Picks up her book bag and attempts to start off toward Fi, but Quentin somewhat stops her.*

Quentin: Why isn't he picking you up?

Catty: Oh dear god...perhaps because Fiona had to come to the house, anyway? He does, normally, because it's the easiest thing to do.

Quentin: He doesn't live with you anymore?

Catty: Should it matter to anyone else aside from me and Sev?

Quentin: Well, Isn't that too old--

Catty: *Exhales sharply and cracks her wand over a chair, glaring and looking all cute and stuff* Quentin, just go. Leave. I already had to deal with people who were so incredibly against my choices that they close to ruin some kind of aspect of my life, I don't really want to have you doing it to. You know what, I don't even want to talk to you. I don't want to see you in the same room that I'm in, okay? I have moved on, hell it's been a DAMN long time since I thought of you as more than just an old friend. After you kissed me...I can't take it, okay, I don't know what the hell happened, or why I didn't slap you right off the bat, but whatever it was, I had to tell Sev. I had to fear for my relationship because you can't just LET IT GO. I'm over you. Moved on. I have a guy that I love, a guy that, quite frankly, I think I could stay with forever, a guy that cares about me. Oh, and, guess what, he isn't you! *Starts stomping off, wand still clutched in her hand. It's fun.* If I were you, I would find someone interested. It was nice when I was still trapped with Cynthia, but to be to the point, I'm rather sick of you now. *Follows Fi out the door...Quentin gets muttery and eventually walks off, while a few of the last members of drama watch him with disgust. Catty's new friends are the bestest.*
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