The Muses (muse_journal) wrote,
The Muses


Me: OH! So, you know how weird the house is?

Josh: *Glances up and nods slightly*

Me: WELL, they're having these weekly poker games now...and the muses randomly decide who plays...and, well, you're one of them! *Tries to look excited and make him think it's really really cool*

Josh: Uh...*Odd look* Okay...

Me: It won't be bad. I mean, you know met him before....

Josh: *Deadpan* If clearing our throats and sending each other glares counts as meeting, than sure, honey, we're the bestest of friends.

Me: *Sigh, collapse into his lap* It'll be good, you and Drake have yet to rip out each others throats, so I do kinda wanna see how long that lasts....
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