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You heard me.


If I have to put up with anymore of this STUPID homework, I'm just gonna rip off everyone's heads. I can do it, Dad will cover for me, he has a big yard...

And I miss Sev. I would like to note...that I'm not going to spend my time pining for him to come back the next day, but it's odd for him to not be somewhere in the house. And it takes a bit for me to fall asleep now. But I still have him, and that's all that really matters I guess...

Talked to Mrs. Foxx today. She still rocks beyond all belief, she pulls me out of math to randomly talk to me. Usually about topics seemed to hover around Sev, the party (apparently there was some intense booze-age after a while and a bunch of kids are in trouble for it, so she knows...) and therefore Quentin. And Trisha and Toby. Yes. I'm not sure WHY she talks to me so much, most counselors are supposed to just be there for the kids, aren't they? Not that I care. Tis fun, anyways.

This is a pointless muse post, made only for Maddy's amusement and procrastination. I'm going to be here A LOT during November. *Growls.*

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