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Catty (kinda)

K: OH! Look…it is her! *smirks and saunters up.* Hey, Cat.

C: *Silently groans* Kristy…hi…

K: Been a long time, hasn't it, Catty?

C: I guess...

K: So you're a cheerleader now?

C: *Pauses* What does it look like.

K: *Evil snicker* Good for you...what's it like at your new school?

C: Fine.

K: Ahh. People wondered where you went. Thought *Does an obvious glance at Catty's stomach* something might've happened.

C: *Crosses arms over her chest.* Oh...wonder where they might've gotten that idea.

K: No clue. have friends?

C: Yes.

K: Dates?

C: I'm dating Sev.

K: Oh. *Smiles slightly.* Him. Still?

C: Yes.

K: Well that's...nice. *Pauses slightly, and then leans closer. She's a few inches taller than Catty, so she has to lean down a little.* I know that you and your family were the ones that got the school on my case. Not your smartest move...but I know you, Cat. I know you miss it.

C: *Goes rigid slightly, gets a defensive stance* You know nothing about me.

K: You needed the things I gave you last year. You needed to be numb. A slut for a mom, a house full of god-knows-who, and no one to talk to. You wanted to let go. And you know it.

C: You need to just shut up.

K: You don't deny it.

C: *Growls*

K: *Leans back, having noticed Sev approaching* Last wanted Derek to do those things to you. You're a sex addict, Catty, I can tell. Dating an 18-year-old when you were 14. He wasn't enough after so long, was he, Cat? Had to get Derek. You act like you were a victim...he caught you off guard, he shoved you into a closet, he pinned you to a wall. You couldn't scream and get attention, no, because he forced your mouth shut. Only got away because someone could hear sounds from the closet. *Smirks* That screams of a lie. I could see it in your eyes when you were talking to Mrs. Gray. You told him you needed something. You followed him into a closet. You pulled him down, you didn't care what could happen. Not until someone could find out...and the easiest thing to say after THAT little turn of events was that he was trying to rape you. The school believed you. Your family believed you. Your 'friends' believed you. All of them...blind. Like mother like daughter, Cat.

C: *Is visibly angry and upset to the point where her hands are clenched into fists and she's shaking* I can't believe how much you don't know. You, of all people, should know that I would never do that. Thought you changed me to be like could never do that. Constantly screwing the cutest guy in sight...if anyone's a sex addict, it's you. I have a boyfriend...*interrupts a snappy protest* that actually loves me. He wants to be around me because of who I am, not because I'm supposed to be the easiest girl in town.

K: *Laughs* Catty, you're so stupid. He's taken advantage of you and you can't even tell. He's 19 now, the only thing on his mind is a good fuck.

C: *Slaps Kristy*

K: *Eyes narrow in a glare, and she starts to lunge for Catty. She's stopped by two guys grabbing her arms and pulling her back.*

C: *Tries to hit Kristy, but Sev grabs her around the waist, holding her in place.*

K: You live in a delusion, Catty. Your...*spits out the word* boyfriend isn't going to be around forever. He's going to get tired of you, and move on. It's how things work.

C: *Starts to retort, but Sev wraps one arm completely around her and uses his other one close her mouth, and starts to try to lead her away.*

K: You're going to want it back. You'll come crying, while your boytoy starts sleeping with the gang girls. You'll want to disappear again.

C: *Ducks her head away from Sev's hand.* Oh, yes, I'll really start to miss getting smashed and shooting up all weekend. *Sev finally just picks her up completely and carries her off.*

K: *Is dragged away by a new herd of people, now not just the guys but her cheerleading squad as well. Fun.*

(Note - I'm not supposed to talk here, I know, but I must say...I got pissy. Kristy just went all out bitchfest, and she would NOT shut up. Got annoying, but just gah...)
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