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Umm...I'm a...cheerleader?

I still have no idea HOW...there's actually a whole thing in my school where have to fill out all these papers and pay all this money and wait until next year to be at games...but, uh, not for me...

Well, actually, I'm not a real cheerleader. I'm a temp. I'm going to be at a game tomorrow, and if they need me after that then I'll go to other ones. But I guess a whole mess of people either just moved, or got sick, or quit...I don't know the details, but I do know that Stef and Naomi nearly killed me as I walked out of school to call for a ride....asking how much I'd cheered before, and I told them I did it for a year. Yeah, that made them all happy and they dragged me off to get me an outfit. It's all cute and stuff...maroon and white...and all short.

I'm actually kinda excited...I missed cheering, but at my old school, I was hated by everyone in that circle at the time I could have tried out, so I just forgot about it. Hmm...screaming and randomly jumping around. I can't wait.

Oh, yes, there's a downside. The game is an "away" game. At the hell hole across town.

I really don't want to see anyone from there. They all hate me. Mr. Sexual Harassment is bound to be there, just because he'll either be on the team, like last year, or stalking everyone. *Sigh*

And Kristy's still a cheerleader. Oh, joy.

BUT. I'm a temp cheerleader. I'M HAPPY, DAMNIT.

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