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Tape Recording of the Zack/Lissa Dinner as Transcribed by Lisha

*Meaningless trivial things occur before...Zack's arrival, small bitty small talk and all are included. This begins with Lissa and Zack just having sat down at the dinner table.*

Lissa: 'Becca dear, could you please bring in our dinner? Thank you.

Zack: Well, that's different.

Lissa: I treat my hired help very respectfully. I enjoy knowing that I will neither have my food poisoned nor be smothered in my sleep.

Zack: That does seem to be the way to live.

Lissa: Yes. I'm really quite happy here. We have a beautiful arrangement.

Zack: Arrangement?

Lissa: I have anything and everything I could want. It's nice.

Zack: Oh...well yeah. It's nice.

Lissa: Zack, I have no intention to jump you unless you initiate something. I promise. It's not like he could say much to me though. I mean he does his own thing most of the time. Not that I mind really. He's not too into the mistress thing...its more just girls...he likes them. It doesn't really hurt. I'm not really attached either. Plus, he makes things comfortable for me. I'm good for his image too. A happy wife at home who isn't in the industry. And we have the same view on kids...we want none. It works out.

Zack: But wouldn't you rather have something more?

Lissa: More? No. That's just messy.

Zack: But like being in love with someone...

Lissa: I want stability...I have that.

Zack: I suppose that's something.

Lissa: You got the fairytale. Which is nice enough...I got security. I'm happy.

Zack: That's good.

*Dinner is brought in and for a while there is little conversation and largely just the sound of silver hitting china*

Zack: So, about the thing for Luke.

Lissa: I'll do it.

Zack: You couldn't have just told him that over the phone.

Lissa: I hate using the phone. And I still think Luke is an ass. Pretty to look at but an ass. I didn't feel like talking to him long enough to tell him that.

Zack: That he's an ass or that you would do it?

Lissa: Either one.

*Long silence follows where I assume both finish eating and then they move into the living room both sitting on the couch as Lissa brings out what I do believe are pictures of some kind. What follows is actually a lot of conversation about past events in the house. I assume this means the pictures are of the minis*

Lissa: This one is my favorite.

Zack: It's just all of us.

Lissa: Yes, but we're all smiling. No one hated me.

Zack: No one hates you.

Lissa: Zack, don't kid yourself. You're probably one of the only ones that doesn't.

Zack: Well, then I don't hate you.

Lissa: Thank you.

*Now follows a silence once again but this one doesn't seem as uncomfortable, before they say their goodbyes.*

Lissa: I wouldn't be averse to hearing from you or well anyone sometime.

Zack: Works both ways.

*sounds of what I assume is a hug I do believe began by Zack*

Zack: Take care of yourself.

Lissa: You too.

*Here there is the sound of a kiss of some sort and the closing of a door*
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