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I don't normally do a journal ever. And I don't know that I'll ever repeat it...but everything is confusing. Ok...think this through, Kiera. Alright. Look first at the issue. Jazzy kissed me. There, that's the issue. Now, this on its own is a confusing enough issue. I mean I'm's not like I regularly kiss anyone...especially a girl. Although, I didn't kiss her, she kissed me...but still. My point still remains basically the same. I've established that this is confusing from the start. Now...lets add in the other issues. Will...likes Jazzy. Now...this is kinda... You know suddenly I feel this need to just look at him and shout "SHE LIKES GIRLS YOU MORON." This though is probably not the best approach. One...he's liked her forever. Two he'd prolly ask how I know and well either way that went it wouldn't go well. So no. I don't tell Willses anything because then...he and I are still fine. I feel really guilty though. I know I didn't do anything but he's my brother and she's his object of infatuation.

Ugh. This is her fault. If she would have just told him rather than ignored him, none of this would have ever happened. He wouldn't have asked me to figure out why she was avoiding him. I wouldn't have cornered her in the hall. And then she would have had no chance to kiss me. Maybe she plotted. Maybe this is all some HUGE conspiracy to cause me to lose me mind. That's has to be it. There is NO OTHER explanation. No..none. I refuse to accept any other. She did this to me on purpose.

Damn short raven haired girl with the huge doe eyes. Damn her!
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